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The Hair Maintenance Routine

Everyone is different, every hair is different. You tell me if this routine is similar to yours. I do this every two weeks.

1. Set a time away from kids, work, and/or significant other to take time out from me. For me this is 2AM on a Saturday morning. Hey! Don't judge me, and I won't judge you. Haha.

2. Lay out all my products, and prep to spend some time on my hair. Since I am relaxed, I do not have spend that much time. When I am done, I feel so accomplished!

3. I part my hair in fours, and add my oils to each section. I believe that when the hot water hit the hair, the oils will be right there to seep into the open cuticles. I tend to use natural oils, such as jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed oils.

4. Step into the shower...and step into bliss with my sweet smelling shampoo and conditioner. I tend not to add a lot of shampoo, but I do not skim on the conditioner. (I use WEN products) If I am doing a deep conditioner, I will let the conditioner sit for 30 mins and under the dryer. *Looks at my nails...hmm they may need attention.

5. After I towel dry, I will add my moisturizer and natural oils to my hair. Depending on how tired I am, I will either wrap my hair or throw them in rollers.

6. I then sit under my portable dryer (that my mom passed down to me) for about 45 mins.

7. I will add a little more oil, wrap my hair, then go off to dreamland.

What is your routine, do you think I should try something different?

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