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Summer Halftime... Is Your Hair Fried?

Oh yes! No school, for the lucky ones, no work. The hustle and bustle of visiting the coast to soak up some rays (or escape from them). Enjoying the long days with family or friends.

While the excitement of 4th of July is  behind us, August is literally around the corner! Summer will soon come to a close. I am sure your hair can't wait until the fall to cool off a little. Have you protected your tresses? Or have they demanded to be free?

Naturals, water is KEY! To drink and also to spray your hair! Then protect with shea butter and your favorite oil.

Relaxed, escape the sweat! Consider protect styles or make this a period to give relaxers a break and consider protective styles or braids to grow your hair.

In any case, inspect your hair and make sure it don't look thirsty. 😂

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