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At the Blytheville School of Cosmetology

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The format used for all courses offered at Blytheville School of Cosmetology, will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following instructional technique: written material, printed textbook information, workbook assignments, written test, lectures, hands on demonstration, videos, audio, perform skills on clients, another student and/or manequin.


Instruction will be achieved through additional aids such as:

1. Guest Artists

2. Audio Visual

3. Style Shows

4. Product Knowledge Seminars



Esthetics practitioners keep skin healthy using skin care and cosmetic treatments. An esthetician performs facial massages, waxing, hair removal, facials, make up application, and care for skin damaged by illness or injury. Students will learn basic salon operations and hygiene, as well as skills in make up artistry, knowledge of skin care products, and specialized procedures.



600 Hour Course

Registration + State License $125

Books $650

* No Partition Cost


Fees for Registration, Kit, and Books are Due at Registration Sign Up


Are you excited to join the BSC community?

Investing in your future now, will pay off in the long run! Just imagine the endless possibilities that learned skill can reward?  Go ahead make a decision today to learn a special skill that is always in high demand.

To apply for the attendance at the BSC, download the enrollment form, complete it, and return in person to the Blytheville School of Cosmetology, at 100 E Main St. Blytheville AR, 72315

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